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Maid service in Rockville

When it comes maid service Rockville residents will be impressed each and every time they book recurring house cleaning jobs with CharmClean. We offer house cleaning services to homes, apartments and small offices in the Washington D.C. and surrounding Maryland and Virginia areas. Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service? It’s a common belief that an always-clean house is a sign of a wastes life. This may not always be the truth, but most us would much rather spend our free time doing things we enjoy instead of spending hours cleaning house. With all of the responsibilities of work and family, life in general is more enjoyable when you can spend your free days and evenings on your hobbies and with friends and family. Hiring a professional house cleaning service will give you that free time. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services, and our regular clients enjoy excellent discounts when booking regular monthly cleanings. Professional house cleaners at CharmClean are thoroughly trained, bonded, and insured. We only hire the most dedicated, passionate, and outgoing staff who are committed to delivering on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each of our cleaning professionals will go through a detailed list to make sure nothing is missed and your property will be left looking its best after each visit. Our printable house cleaning checklist is also available on our website. We’re an environmentally friendly cleaning company, and our staff is committed to using only sustainable products and cleaning materials that will leave as little a carbon footprint as possible. We also use an effective rotation schedule to make sure your home looks its best year-round. Our Cleaning Options For our first time clients who book a cleaning from CharmClean we recommend an impact cleaning that will thoroughly reach every part of your home’s interior. This includes washing baseboards, cleaning pet hair from drapes, and a detailed cleaning service. Many of these tasks aren’t done on a consistent basis, and they can often be easy to overlook. When you consider all the different areas, rooms, and pieces of furniture in your home, cleaning can easily evolve into a never-ending job. There are high chances that some part of your home needs to be thoroughly cleaned right now. Other common parts of your home that are included in a deep cleaning are tiled floors and air vents. Many homes are now built with acoustic tiles that are designed to absorb sound. These kinds of tiles also absorb dirt, smoke, bacteria, grime, and grease. Our team will use specialized products and methods to get them completely cleaned. Ducts and vents of your home’s heating and cooling system will also accumulate dirt and grime on them over time, and they need to be cleaned consistently in order to keep the whole system running as efficiently as possible. Too much built-up dust will end up clogging the system and also release higher amounts of dust particles into the air. These can contribute to increased problems with allergies and other respiratory problems. What to Expect From Us Once you’ve had your first visit and deep cleaning from CharmClean, you’ll receive a 10% discount on repeat cleanings if you book once per month. Booking online takes only a minute, and be sure to include the total number as well as the type of rooms that you wish to have cleaned. People that need house cleaning on a rotating schedule can specify any special instructions when booking online or over the phone. We, at CharmClean pride ourselves on a high level of professional, friendly customer service in person, over the phone, and via chat on our company website. We also offer move-in/move-out cleaning service that will get your home looking its best when you’re getting ready to sell it and will be showing it to potential buyers. We currently provide cleaning services to clients who with within a 20 mile radius of Washington, D.C., into the surrounding Maryland and Virginia areas. Upon your first booking, you’ll be creating your own personal CharmClean account that will save all your information, preferences, and any special instructions for easy repeat bookings in the future.