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8 Tips to Keep a Clean Home with Pets

by charmclean - February 4, 2019


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Pets are great companions but they tend to mess up the house and cause quite a stink. As a pet parent, keeping your home clean and stink-free is a huge task. Sometimes, no matter the steps you take, it feels like your dogs have taken over your home. The good news is that you can keep a dog-loving home without struggling too much. If your home feels like it’s under siege and slowly turning into a hair and dander kingdom, here are our top tips to keep a clean home with pets.


Use a Handheld Pet Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner or lint roller is a must-have if you are a pet parent. Why? Well, a vacuum cleaner can get rid of pet hair and dander from all surfaces. While it’s important to own a lint roller, it’s equally important to have a vacuum clear handy to help out when you are carrying out general maintenance. A vacuum clear is affordable and provides you with an easy way to get rid of pet hair when you decide to do spontaneous cleaning.


Use Pet Stain Cleaners

Even the most disciplined pet can experience problems when he has a upset stomach caused by eating things he shouldn’t eat. Keeping a stain cleaner handy can help you get rid of pet stains and odor. Ensure you use your stain remover immediately when you notice a stain. Follow the directions on the packaging as strictly as possible for best results.


Find Sensible Pet Beds

While sampling out dog beds, it’s quite easy to get allured by decadent pet bed designs, especially the fluffy ones. However, be cautious because the fluffy ones are quite difficult to keep clean. You need a pet bed that you can keep clean by simply wiping. That means finding a pet bed made out of a water-resistant material.

A pet bed helps to concentrate pet hair in one place, which makes cleaning easy. Pets love to have their own space. Therefore, a dog will use the pet bed to rest or sleep and that will keep the rest of your home fur-free.


Try Air Purifiers for Pets

Air purifiers are effective at pulling dander and hair from carpets. For this reason, they are widely used to get rid of pet hair and dander from the air within your house. It’s not always possible to clean every inch of your home because of a busy schedule.

Luckily, an air purifier can do all this effortlessly. Air purifiers work by continuously attracting hair and dander from the air. Specially designed filters trap dander and hair, which prevents them from coming back out onto your floor, carpet or furniture.


Wash your Pet Regularly

Some pet parents don’t bathe pets as often as possible because pets don’t really enjoy cold water. However, to keep pet hair and dander under control, you should bathe your pet on a monthly basis.  Ideally, you should give your pet a wash every two weeks. Bathing your pet every week can reduce the level of hair and dander by more than 80 percent!


Invest in a Furniture Cover

Pets like to choose napping spots that become favorite snoozing points with time, particularly the couch. If this sounds like your pet, find a furniture cover and place it over your couch. Ensure you have more than one cover so that you can swap them around whenever you are cleaning your home. This not only keeps your house clean, but also scales down pet odor.


Brush your Pet

If fur is your greatest problem, the best way to keep it under control is to brush your pet regularly. Brushing your pet daily, outside, allows you to control shedding, which prevents fur from building up around your home. However, ensure you find a pet-friendly brush that picks up all the loose fur.


Clean your Pet’s Eating Area

Most pet parents don’t realize it, but pet dishes get dirty and stinky. Therefore, you need to clean pet dishes on a daily basis or simply give them a rinse after every meal. Also, be sure to clean the wall, floor and trim your pet’s eating area thoroughly. Keep doing this and you will notice a huge difference.


Final Word

Pets bring joy, but they also like messing up your home a lot. For pet parents, that often means lots of cleaning to get rid of pet hair, dander and odor. Follow the tips we have listed and owning a pet won’t be too much trouble. However if you are looking for the best house cleaning service in Washington D.C. to help your home smell fresh even with those pets book a cleaning appointment with us at CharmClean today.