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Secrets from the Cleaners: Pet Cleaning Tricks!

by charmclean - March 14, 2017

We all love our pets, and we all love to treat them like family! I have 2 dogs that add up to 250 pounds together, and they can make quite a mess! Our cleaners often enter homes riddled with cat and dog hair, and it’s one of our most requested services: pet hair cleanup. Here are some pet cleaning tricks to effectively keep your pet-friendly home as clean as can be!

Pet Hair Removal

There are many ways to remove pet hair from upholstery, carpets, and linens. First, try spraying your household static removal product onto the affected area. Wait a few minutes, and then vacuum the surface as usual! The pet hair should come right up! If you don’t have time to wait, try grabbing an old fashioned rubber glove. Dampen the outside of the glove and run your hand over the surface. The hair will stick to the glove like a magnet!

Pet Cleaning Tricks

He’s not going to do it! Check out our tips so you can!

Dog Toy Cleaning

Dog toys get put through the ringer! They get chewed up, left in the mud outside, brought back in, dropped in the food bowl, and then end up in your lap! Don’t let dirty dog toys bring you down! Place the plastic toys in the top rack of your dishwasher, and place the fabric toys in the washing machine in a garment bag! Just make sure whatever detergents you are using are pet-friendly.

Paw Cleaning

If you take your dogs outside, or have outdoor cats, take note of these little tricks to keep paws clean and healthy. Before a muddy walk, place a bowl or bucket of water near the front door with a towel. As soon as you walk in the house, dip your pups paws into the water and dry them with the towel! This way there are no tracks through your home. Do you get snow in your area? Make sure to use this same trick if your pup is walking in road salt! Salt can be sharp and hurt your dog’s paws, so make sure you rinse them off when they get back inside!

Pet Throw-up (yuck!)

Surprisingly, cleaning up your pet’s vomit is easier than you’d think. Natural instinct tells you to clean it up immediately, but pet vomit is best cleaned up once it dries. Then you can vacuum it up and blot the stain. It comes up much easier and doesn’t risk spreading. So if you can stand to let it sit, wait until it dries before cleaning it up!

Pet Food Bowls

Combine kibble and slobber in a food bowl and you are bound to have a messy bowl within a day or two. As long as it is safe for your pet’s diet, spray some non-stick cooking spray in the bowl before feeding. The mess and residue will rinse right out! Of course, you could have a 170 pound dog like I do, that leaves messes in front of, behind, above, and below his food bowls too. Invest in dog bowl placemats to keep all of the messes contained to a small area, making cleanup a breeze!


Lastly, one of the best investments you can make is a robotic vacuum. This gadget can clean your floors for you, including pet hair! Check out last week’s post: Must Have Cleaning Gadgets for more info! With these tricks, you can spend more time loving your pets and less time cleaning up after them! As always, if you’re in the DC area and need some help with your pet hair and your house cleaning, check us out at! Also, check out our friends at EcoverdeMaids who have more tips for keeping your home charming!