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Secrets from the Cleaners: Top 8 Cleaning Mistakes!

by charmclean - February 24, 2017

8 Common Cleaning Mistakes

Everyone loves a clean home, and no one likes making mistakes. Have you read all of the instructions on your cleaning products? Are you using your cleaning equipment and tools the correct way? If you’re not, you could be costing yourself more money, more time, and even some health problems! Check out these secrets from our CharmClean cleaners: common cleaning mistakes to avoid!

1 – Too much cleaner!

  • Cleaning products are created to be used in an precise amount for a particular surface. This goes for laundry detergent, furniture polish, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, etc. Most of the time, you’re using way too much! If you completely soak an object (floor, furniture, etc.), you could be damaging it beneath the surface! Also, it’s going to take you a lot longer to clean up the residue of the cleaning chemical being used. Add some more time using the appropriate amount wisely, and you’ll be surprised with the results!

2 – Wiping side to side!

  • If you wipe a surface from side to side, you’re just moving the dirt and grime from one side to the other! Be sure to use a pattern similar to an ‘S’ or ‘Z.’ This ensures that you are wiping the dirt away while still cleaning the entire surface!

3 – Not reading directions!

  • As stated earlier, cleaners are specifically designed to do a certain job a certain way. Be sure you’re using your chemicals, equipment, and tools effectively by following all manufacturer instructions! Some cleaners may need time to work before being wiped away, may need to be used out of sunlight, and some may harm particular surfaces! Be careful, save time and money, and read the instructions!

4 – Not cleaning your sponge!

  • A rinsed sponge does not equal a clean sponge. Sponges are great at cleaning because they are full of nooks, crannies, and crevices: places that bacteria love to hide. To be sure your sponge is clean, either run it through the dishwasher after cleaning with it, or place it in the microwave for 2 minutes. If your sponge just handled a huge mess, use a fresh one! They are cheap and easy to replace.
Top 8 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t be sad making these Top 8 Cleaning Mistakes!

5 – Not emptying your vacuum!

  • Your vacuum does a lot of work, especially if you have kids or pets! Vacuums quickly lose their efficiency and suction power when they become full and when filters become clogged. To prevent this, empty the basins or bags often and check the filters. If vacuums aren’t cleaned, they can overheat and cause severe damage: costing you a new vacuum and filthy floors!

6 – Washing windows on a sunny day!

  • When exposed to direct sunlight, glass cleaner dries quicker than you can wipe it off. This is what creates those unsightly streaks! Try cleaning your windows in the late afternoon or evening, when it is less than 70 degrees outside. This will prevent the spray from drying before you can wipe it, so they are sparkling and streak-free!

7 – Cleaning with bare hands!

  • This is one of the most dangerous cleaning mistakes you can make! Your skin is super absorbent! As we all know, cleaning chemicals have all sorts of things we don’t want inside of our body. Simply touching these products, even for a quick cleanup, can be enough to have dangerous and lasting effects on sensitive bodies! Be sure to wear gloves when cleaning, and if you’re using an aerosol, consider using a mask as well to be sure you aren’t inhaling any cleaning products!

8 – Doing everything at once!

  • If you have several rooms to clean, you are way more likely to skip some areas and cut some corners if you are trying to squeeze all of that cleaning into one day. Clean as you go! Pick a room to clean each day, every other day, or every week! Keep to this schedule and every room will stay clean and you’ll have more time to focus on the details.

To be sure you’re cleaning your home the best you can, be sure to avoid making these 8 common mistakes! If you’re looking for help with your house cleaning, please contact us here at CharmClean! You can also check out our friends at Ecoverde Maids for more tips on keeping your home in the best shape possible!

Until next time!